34 North Announces Sacramento River Watershed Program Will Use the OpenNRM Data Platform at the Annual Stakeholder Meeting

Sac Rive Forum Presentation
Founder Amye Osti presenting at the Sacramento River Watershed Program Annual Stakeholder Meeting.


The Sacramento River Watershed Program will engage key stakeholders to develop a web-based data platform customized for the Sacramento River Watershed (SRW). The collective knowledge of key stakeholders will be applied to articulate management questions, access relevant information, and develop a data platform that provides the best available information for current and historic conditions in the SRW. The data platform will give users access to the extensive sensor network, monitoring program data, more than 300 GIS layers, research, and reports about the Sacramento River Watershed. Stakeholders can use the platform to create projects, interactive maps, data dashboards and analytics to answer questions about the watershed. The open data platform, OpenNRM, will support collaborative natural resource management in the region.

Find a copy of our presentation here.