Help Butte County First Responders

Help Butte County First

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California Map with Butte County Fire Area

More than 90 first responders lost their homes!

– The Sac Bee

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Fire fighter fighting the flames

Tired fire fighter taking a rest

Forest on fire

Our first responders have been working tirelessly to save lives and property.
The Butte County Camp Fire is hailed the worst fire in California’s history.
So many people have lost everything including the men and women who are out there fighting this fire right now. More than 90 first responders have lost their homes.

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Help the Sacramento River Watershed program raise money to help first responders put their lives back together.
This fire is not over and while they work for us we will work for them!

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100% of proceeds go to First Responders

Signature of Holly Jorgensen

Holly Jorgensen

Executive Director, Sacramento River Watershed Program

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Amye Osti

CEO, 34 North