OpenNRM and Tell your Data Story Seminar

A collaborative resource management web application and work space for data collection, analysis, and visualization



BayDeltaLive, an OpenNRM Natural Resource Management Application, is a place where diverse communities can effectively and efficiently, collaborate to manage and understand large-scale environmental efforts. A variety of software components are combined so users could equally explore and analyze a topic as well as develop stories that are approachable to the general public. The software modules allow users to synthesize data that may typically seem separate: Document and Asset Management, Interactive Mapping, Information Libraries, Data Catalogs, Project Management Tools, Data Visualization Tools, Dashboards and Storytelling Templates. This combination of tools and resources have made it possible to cost effectively develop stories about the world, that not only reveal the ever complicated patterns and fabric around us, but also communicate them in a manner that might allow us to better understand them.

The 34North seminar will demonstrate to show you how such collaborative efforts are working in the Sacramento San Joaquin Bay-Delta. You will learn how to explore and analyze data (California Data Exchange Center, National Water Information System, California Irrigation Management Information System, California Environmental Data Exchange Network, California Environmental Monitoring Program Monitoring, Operations Data, 200 + GIS Layers and more), build project pages and tell data stories.  We will focus on important Delta topics including:

  1. United States Fish and Wildlife Service Fish Trawls and Water Quality Conditions
  2. United States Bureau of Reclamation and United States Geological Survey Out migration Salmon Studies
  3. Visualizing Salinity and Turbidity
  4. Drought Dashboards
  5. Operations Dashboards
  6. Collaborative Ecosystem Project Pages and Dashboards
  7. Visualizing Model Output
  8. Bay Delta Live Mobile Application

Lastly, we will talk about our commitment and focus on improving data interoperability, data portability, and web services in the open source community.